Concerned Mother

by Linda Pullen
(Mishawaka IN)

How do I acquire teaching skills for home schooling my child?

Diane's answer to Concerned Mother:


First, check with the laws of the state of Indiana. You can do that here: It's very important that you follow what is required!

Let me say that if you graduated from high school yourself, you are very qualified to teach your grade school child! Granted, high school level material can be difficult. But that does not mean your children won't learn! You can find lots of curriculum with DVD's, answer keys, etc. to get you and your child on the right track.

Instill a want to learn in your child, he will become a dedicated self-learner. That is something we ALL need to have because learning never ends! Right Mom?!

Remember that much of what you teach, you'll be learning right along WITH you child. And that's okay! It's fun to learn it over again with them anyhow! I have cleaned up my grammar over the years because my children correct ME! And that's okay, too! :)

You cannot possibly learn it all first. Don't even try. Enjoy the learning experience, together.

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