Classwork turned in to Abeka

by Christina Silvers
(Adairsville, GA)

What classwork has to be turned in to Abeka? I am a first year homeschool mother of two. I have a nine year old and a twelve year old. I withdrew my children from public school and have repeated 5th grade with my oldest. I am very interested in the Abeka DVD program for next year, but have some questions about the accredited program. What classwork has to be turned in to Abeka for grading? Is it just the tests and quizzes? Are there projects that have to be sent in? If I feel my children have mastered a topic, I will shorten or omit homework assignments. I don't want to enroll in the accredited DVD program if I will not have the freedom to shorten or omit as needed.

Thanks for your info! I have found your input on the program has answered many of my questions already!

Christina Silvers

Reply to Classwork turned in to Abeka:

Just the tests are mandatory for every subject, Language, Science, Health, etc. Quizzes are checked by the parent and the results tabulated on the sheet they give you. In other words, the only thing you need to physically send in to Abeka are their tests and your quiz sheet. They supply you with an envelope for that. The projects are optional. If you choose to send them in you can. Most of the time we did not.

Yes, you have the freedom to omit parts of lessons from time to time. For instance, we would shorten our days when there was a lot of reviewing. Life will throw you a curve from time to time, and if the girls already knew what was covered, we'd skip it or fast forward through that lesson. We tweaked as necessary!

Thank you so much for the feedback. It's good to know we're helping someone!

Blessings on your new venture!

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Selected Independent since we do an Umbrella
by: Nita

We are part of a Homeschooling Umbrella where we have oversight and are given advice.

Unless your state has a requirement, I'd hold off doing the accredited til 9th grade + and only if you aren't working with an Umbrella.

Also, we supplemented High School classes by doing dual enrollment into Community College and found that having a transcript was not critcal.

If you do this option, keep a copy of everything you are mailing in, just in case it gets lost in the mail.

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