Can't afford to be homeschooled

by Kay
(Brooklyn. NY, USA)

I'm a 10th grader who is in a public high school and I'm at a point where I'm frustrated with the classes. It's not because I can't pass classes, I'm generally an A student. In fact, I take college classes after school and do tennis. But I'm really tired of the classes because I personally think that I'm not learning enough anymore due to the many disruptions in the classroom which are not always taken care of. Everyday I go through the same thing and I have decided to be homeschooled.

I know that there are many methods of homeschooling and some requires more money than others. I want to be homeschooled by a qualified teacher and maybe do some individual work online some days.

My question is how much does it cost to be homeschooled by a qualified teacher? Also if there is a possibility that the price is too high, then how effective is the online programs that I might be taught with? Thanks.

Diane's Reply to Can't afford to be homeschooled:

Hello Kay,

The public school environment can be frustrating for students like you who are genuinely there to learn. There are options.

The first thing I would do in your situation is connect with a homeschool group in your immediate area. They will be able to guide you best. Your local librarian would know homeschoolers in the area, check with them to see if area homeschoolers have a support group.

I am not familiar with the laws in New York, so here is a link to a a page that is mandatory reading:

I am not qualified to tell you how effective online programs are, sorry. As I re-read your post, I wonder if a charter school would be a better fit for you. It is basically public school at home on your computer. Here is a list of school choices in New York City:

I hope that helps you to get the guidance you are looking for. All the best to you.

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