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I chose to take her away from public school because she was bullied. But when I did that I also took away all of her friends that she had, and now I keep her locked in the house all day instead of getting recess. And because she is homeschooled she can learn more on weekends too!

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It sounds like you did the right thing to remove your daughter from being bullied at school. However, I'm not so sure I agree with your remaining comments. Without knowing all the details, I can only give you my opinion based on our own experiences.

Taking away all of her friends and keeping her locked in the house all day instead of getting recess, may be a recipe for rebellion. Is she happy with that arrangement? If all of her "friends" were her bullies, then they were not her friends, in which case I would understand your reasoning. But if they were true friends with the same moral values you have, then you may want to reconsider. My children have wonderful friends in the public school.

Concerning recess, everyone needs a break from time to time. We took breaks many times throughout the day...fresh air and sunshine are needed everyday!

As for the weekends, we never did school on the weekends. That does not mean that they did not learn, mind you. There are many opportunities for learning, but I did not have them sit at their desk and do school on the weekend. Every family is different however, some have to do school on the weekend because of other commitments during the week. But if I'm understanding you correctly, you plan to homeschool her every day of the week including weekends. I'm afraid if you do that, you may burn her (and yourself) out!

Lighten up and enjoy homeschooling!

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Sep 17, 2013
Keeping your kid locked up sounds horrible
by: Anonymous

The way you stated that you keep her locked up in the house so she gets no recess sounds a bit like you are being a bully. Every child deserves to have friends and to have breaks. Please rethink how you are treating your child in this situation and how she must feel a bit trapped. At least from the way you stated her day goes.

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