by Kela
(Rock Hill, SC)

Our initial reason to homeschool was that one of our older daughters was bullied everyday in school by teachers and peers.

Slowly we brought all of our children out of school. It wasn't until recently that I came to understand the true agenda behind public school. Our family now endeavors to live by the standard of God's Word in all aspects of our lives...even education. That is the core of learning in our home, after all (and before all).

Reply by Diane:

Yes, kids can be mean. That's just part of being a kid, I guess. We've all been there, either on the giving or the receiving end, or both. There is no better place for children to learn and grow than in the loving environment of their own home. God wanted you to homeschool your children and found a way for you to hear Him! And you listened. All the best to you.

(Your original title, There's A Standard That We Embrace was perfect, but too long for me to be able to use. I thought it fitting to use the word that caused you to homeschool in the first place!)

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Unjust punishment
by: Shortly

My Son has Aspergers. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being severe & 10 being so high functioning (he wouldn't have been diagnosed in the first place) my son is a 6.

A child had been bullying him all year (he wasn't the only child). My son couldn't take it anymore & snapped. He yelled some pretty mean & intimidating things to the bully. My son didn't always express that he was being bullied. So asked the principle, "What was the other child doing to my son to make him say these things?" My son doesn't just act that way unless he had a reason.

Turns out the other child had been bullying him all year. This child started saying mean things to him in class. I said "I didn't agree with what my son said but he never would have felt the need to say anything if the other child wouldn't have been bullying my son." My son got 2 day in-school suspension, the bully got a phone call home. My son is weak. All he knew to do was to use his words to scare him into leaving him alone.

Is this what my son has to look forward too? We are seriously considering Homeschooling, but I have to have a plan that has lessons on DVD & is flexible so he can learn at his own pace.

Bullied, too...
by: Anonymous

I totally understand.

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