Best Children's Author

by Jan DuRaine
(Valley Springs, CA)

Patricia Polacco (best children's author) has written and illustrated scores of wonderful books for children. Many, many of her books are dear to me.

As a retired special education teacher, I have always shared, "Thank You, Mr. Falker" with my learning disabled students because it tells of Ms. Polacco's struggle with a learning disability and the wonderful special education teacher who helped her. It is truly an inspiration for learning disabled children everywhere; as is her own success as a writer and illustrator.

Ms. Polacco's books are embellished with tales of her immigrant family's customs and values. Her warm, colorful illustrations and heartwarming stories, more often than not, will bring a tear to the eye.

"Mrs. Katz and Tush" is an unforgettable story of a loving Jewish woman and her cat, Tush. "Pink and Say", tells the story of two young men who served in the Civil War; one white, one black, and their amazing relationship. I can't read it without crying at the ending.

But my favorite of all of Ms. Polacco's books has got to be, "Uncle Vova's Tree", the story of a departed uncle and the animals who gathered to remember his passing.

I strongly recommend introducing any of Patricia Polacco's wonderful picture books to every teacher, parent, and child who has never had the joy of experiencing her work. I hope you'll share my love of this incredible author.

Patricia Polacco shares more of her story and many great parent/teacher ideas at her astounding web site. Give it a visit.

Jan DuRaine

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