Be Creative

by Jennifer
(Elkhart Indiana)

Be creative by taking the everyday mundane things that you do and turning them into learning opportunities.

A drive can help teach colors with stoplights, or shapes with road signs. An old phone can be a great way to teach numbers. There are a million things that everyone can do everyday to learn creatively, and most of us never think about it.

These are just a few things that I have been doing while homeshcooling my preschool boys.

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I agree!
by: Marley

Exactly! Or you could walk through your neighborhood! We like to do sound walks, or color walks! I have a wireless key board, and my daughter loves playing on it. It's a good way to learn numbers, letters, and even early typing skills. By letting them help you cook in the kitchen, they learn measuring and counting skills. Being creative is such a fun, cheap way to enhance homeschooling.

by: Anonymous

How about your measuring cups and spoons right from your kitchen?

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