by Autumn
(Georgia, USA)

My son is 7 years old and the school has labeled him ADHD. After being in the public school for 3.5 years, he is repeating his second year in 1st grade. He can't read. I am sick of their in the box teaching, and am getting ready to pull him to homeschool. Where do I start? Should I start with Kindergarten curriculum, or 1st grade? I purchased Mrs. Beechick's book and another book.

Thank you for any help,

Diane's Reply:

I must commend you for homeschooling your ADHD child! Get a hold of Raymond Moore's book, Better Late Than Early. He talks about the importance of not pushing your boys into reading too early. By the time they enter 3rd or 4th grade, they've caught up and oftentimes surpass their peers.

Find out what's required of you in the state of Georgia. You may have some forms to fill out which will keep him from being truant.

If it was my child, I would start him in 1st grade, not Kindergarten. You're already on your way having purchased Ruth Beechick's books. Congratulations! Follow her recommendations, they really do work. Take him to the library and have him pick out books that interest him. It doesn't really matter if they're read-alouds for you to read or easy-reads that he can follow along, just read!

You're on your way. I believe ADHD children, if allowed to grow in their learning style, continue to blossom. Keep educating yourself and you'll both benefit!

All the Best,

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I second that motion
by: Nita

My son (although not tested) is a high energy, intelligent, extrovert. He felt stunted in school. Taking him out of public/private school and teaching him at home has made a BIG change in his confidence, his happiness and his learning. I had to do remedial on his Math and I sneak it in using time4learning which I use as a supplement to Abeka. Start him off in the reading materials early. Abeka makes it easy and you can teach him yourself. I also use the Workbox system which has helped my over active boy feel like he is in control of his learning and it shows him his progress. You are doing the right thing, hang in there.

I homeschool my ADHD child :)
by: Alysia

I want to tell you that homeschooling is the best thing I could have ever done for my son. I look at it this way, his school wasn't prepared to handle a child with such exploration and intelligence.

He went from being bullied by teachers which lead to kids following along, and headaches every day, to passing them all up academically. He has shot as far as a year ahead of his peers. At school, his grades were going down fast. At home, his grades are A and B average. I am not the one who grades it, (lol) the program I chose grades it for me. I am what you call an academic coach. By not restricting him from occupying his part of the brain that distracts him from learning, he soars so much higher.

I am a little proud can you tell? I am here if you would like more of my story:) Have a lovely day!!

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