Abeka with 4 kids?

by Meg

Does anyone use Abeka as their primary curriculum with more than 3 kids?

I used it with my son, years ago. But now I keep wanting to go back with my girls, except I can't figure out how on earth I could keep up with 3 girls, and then 2 more boys (coming up soon), in different grades.

How does one do that?


Reply from Jamie:

Discipline! I guess it would also depend on whether you are using the DVDs or just the books? Books would definitely make it more difficult. You would have to do more of the teaching and stay on target with the curriculum for each and every grade. That would add more stress, too!

I went with the DVDs for all those reasons. I wanted to make sure they had a thorough education, but I did not feel qualified to teach them myself. I parked myself in the hall outside each of their "school rooms" and monitored what each child was doing. If one of the girls needed help with something, I was right there. But the DVDs kept them on track and did the majority of the teaching. It did get easier the older they got. My 4th grader would not need nearly as much help as my 1st grader because the older girl was able to read on her own.

Having them in separate rooms was huge. Imagine having one child watching their DVD while the other children are trying to get their school done all in the same room. That would be chaos! If you have a way to separate the children, do it! I can't stress that enough.

You can do it. It just takes a little imagination, determination, and discipline.

All the best to you and your family.

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