Abeka School Day

by Shaunielle Murphy

How long is a normal Abeka school day without homework? I will have a 5th grader and twin 3rd graders next school year.

Jamie's Reply:

Great question, Shaunielle! My girls are in the exact same grades right now!

My 5th grader is normally in school 5 hours per day. If you add the homework, it adds another 45 minutes or so.

My 3rd grader is in school about 4 hours. Her homework adds another 1/2 hour.

We start school at 8 am and go until 11 am. We break an hour for lunch and finish up early in the afternoon.

Hope that helps you. Twins! That's awesome! Let me know if you have more questions and may you have a great school year.

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Other grades
by: Sharon


I have a 4th grader, but I would assume the amount of time spent on school would be about the same. Thank you, I have been contemplating getting Abeka.

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