A Beka Math

by Merryheart
(Northeast USA)

A Beka Math is textbooky and has errors in math language. We aren't fond of government school-style textbooks. We had tried A Beka phonics and found it so dreary we gave up after one session. But A Beka Math was highly recommended by homeschool friends, so we gave it a shot. This too was dreary, and worse, they called a numeral a number(!) as in "One million is written with seven numbers." That was the end of A Beka in our book.

We also tried Saxon Math, which was an improvement, but still too "textbooky." That to me negates the fun and some of the purpose of homeschooling.

Math-U-See was much better, particularly the videos. My daughter aced the standardized tests, just as a result of watching Math-U-See videos.

And we love VideoText Interactive Algebra & Geometry. It's so clearly and carefully presented, with thorough explanations, not much practice is needed. My kind of homeschooling!

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