9th Grade

I am going to use Abeka DVD in the fall and my daughter will be in 9th grade. She has already done physical science and 9th grade English in a tutorial this year. I am thinking I need to just use the 10th grade. Is there some reason I should not skip the 9th grade which includes geography?
Thank you.

Jamie's Reply to 9th Grade:

Abeka has different options at the high school level for either Full Grade or Individual Courses which can either be Accredited or Independent Study (non-accredited). If you choose Full Grade Accredited, it is mandatory you take all classes for that grade as they will supply you with proof of completion.

She would be missing a portion of her education from 9th grade (geography) which would be missing from her high school transcript and possibly keep her from graduating should you start her in 10th.

I strongly suggest you contact Abeka directly and speak with one of their customer service representatives at 1-800-874-3592. They will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Great question, all the best to you!

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