8th Grade Schedule

by Jennifer
(Columbus, GA)

I am making lesson plans for the next year and wonder if anyone has an 8th grade schedule. I have 4 daughters at home, 4k, 4th grade, 6th grade, and 8th grade. I have the basic schedule of the 4-6th grades, but nothing for eighth. We are doing video language arts and history with the eighth grader. Does anyone know how long I should plan on teaching in those classes?

Jennifer Timberlake

Reply from Jamie for 8th Grade Schedule:


Assuming you're teaching on your own, I would at least set 1 hour for each subject to include homework. Normally the DVD classes are 40 minutes and she/he will need some time for homework. Your eighth grader will be doing some diagramming of sentences in language arts and learning states/capitals/reading etc in history. Of course, depending on the child, it could be more or less.

That hopefully gets you off to a good start. Have a great year with your children!

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