Better Your
4 H Public Speaking

Getting butterflies at the thought of 4 H public speaking? Well, don't. We have some tips and ideas that will make getting up in front of people enjoyable! Check out what others have done!

My homschool children had never experienced public speaking of any kind until they joined a 4 H Club. This was the girls' first time giving a speech. It was at our club's harvest party which is why they are dressed as Indians.

4 h public speaking4 h public speaking

Laura is reading a quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder who spoke for the Indians in an Indian-Negro Debate. Emily (9) is reciting a poem.

Poems are easy to recite because they have a natural beat to them. Find a poem book with a wide variety of poems to suit your personality or occasion. We especially like Favorite Poems Old and New.

4-H Speech Topics

The best advice I can give is to do a speech about something you like, otherwise it won't be fun! Your audience will know if you're having fun, believe me. Here is an outline to help you write your speech or demonstration.

1. Pick a Topic - one you like and will enjoy talking about!

2. Plan the Body and Make an Outline

3. Use these Important Parts of a Speech:

  • Introduction-Make that first sentence interesting. Ask a question or state a startling fact. Tell the purpose of your speech and know this by heart.
  • Body-Talk about 3 main points and support each one. Outlining your keywords on a note card helps you remember everything.
  • Conclusion-Summarize your main points and end interestingly. Memorize this also. Writing it word for word helps you to do that.
4. Practice, Practice, Practice! Talk s-l-o-w-l-y, loudly, clearly, adding some flair!

5. Use a visual aid, especially if you're doing 4-H Demonstrations.

Ideas For A
4 H Demonstration

4-H Demonstrations are much more fun (and less scary!) if you do them with a friend or sibling. Topics can be found anywhere, even your chemistry textbook! Here are a few "How To" ideas we did to get you started:

  • Fold a Gift Box or
    Paper Airplane
    (This was Garrett's
    1st solo speech.)
  • Woodburn
  • Magic Tricks
  • Foil Art
  • Eat an Ice Cream Cone
  • Dog Tricks
  • Cultural Dancing
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Science Experiment

    Laura and Emily practiced and practiced (as you can see
    from our home video below) earning them a Blue and
    Top Room Award at our 4 H Public Speaking Contest.

    Click here to view Part 2 of 2.

    4 h public speaking

    Emily and Laura at County Level doing their humorous
    Science/Chemistry Demonstration.

    4 h public speaking4 h public speaking

    Emily, Laura, Rachel, Anna-Tinikling and Christina and Laura-ChaCha

    A 4 H Program can be done alone (without the nervousness) if you pick a topic you like and know well.

    4 h public speaking4 h public speaking

    Garrett (10) Folding Paper Airplanes and Emily (10) Drawing in 3-D

    Your child will gain confidence the more he speaks. Be patient and one day he may be asked to talk about his 4 H experience, too!

    4 h public speaking

    Emily (12) and Laura (14) being interviewed about our
    4 H Club on a local radio station.

    Speak To Us!

    Have you given a funny speech or ended up being funny without even trying? Share it. We'd love to hear about the Speeches and Demonstrations you've done, whether they're funny or not!

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