Can I homeschool 3 months a year? My daughter is at her mom's for the school year and at my home for the summer. I would like to homeschool her yearly 3 months of the year. For example: March, April, and May. I would eventually like to have her for 6 months a year instead of three.

So, if I can homeschool her part of each year without complication with her public school, I would look into it down the road. Let me know if this is possible as I would like to be an influence in her education. I reside in Nevada and her mom resides in California.

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Hello Matthew,

If I'm understanding you correctly, you would like to be an influence in your daughter's education by starting out homeschooling 3 months per year (during her time off of public school). That's an awesome undertaking! Many homeschoolers continue schooling right through the summer, so yes, you would most certainly be able to continue anytime of the year. They don't normally work on every subject, but maybe concentrate on one that is difficult for the child, like math for instance. The hard part might be getting your daughter to agree to schooling year round! :) This would certainly give you a taste of homeschooling!

However, I'm not sure what the laws in Nevada and California are for you to transition her schooling to a mix of public and homeschooling. I would suggest you make your intentions known with the public school administration in California. Then check with Homeschool Legal Defense for Nevada: www.hslda.org. I do not know of anyone at present doing this, but it is certainly worth checking into. HSLDA will be able to instruct you much better than I could ever hope to.

All the best to you.

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