$200 credit?

Do you get a $200 credit (applied to next year's curriculum) for returning DVDs on time? I am wondering who to talk to about this since I am using DVDs this year with my child and the ABEKA rep. knew nothing about it.

Jamie's Reply to $200 Credit:

Yes, you will receive a $200 credit when the DVDs are returned on time. Also know that the same $200 will be refunded to you in a check should your child not enroll the following year (having graduated, etc).

There is a $400 Late Return Fee if they are not received by Abeka by the customer's assigned end date. (That fee is refundable when DVDs are returned.)

I am not sure why the Abeka rep knew nothing about it. I would call Customer Service (1-800-874-3592) with your Account Number and Student ID to get it clarified.

Hope that helps!

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