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Homeschool Rewards Zone, Issue #004 --, Are you PSAT Testing?
October 02, 2009

Sharing Life's Simple Rewards of Homeschooling

Homeschool Rewards Zone brings you the latest additions to one family's rewarding experiences of homeschooling simply.

Issue #004 ~ October 2009

PSAT Testing Month
Annette has been practicing up for the PSAT exam coming up on October 14 at the public high school. She hopes to better her score from last year, so she's been using The Princeton Review's "Inside the SAT & ACT" 2003 Deluxe edition. We'll let you know how she does!

1) Brain Teaser

Mrs. Smith has had two pairs of twins twice. How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Smith have?

(Answer at bottom.)

2) Quick Tip/Book of the Month

I was introduced to a new social networking site just for homeschoolers...FuseFly! It's a safe way for your teens to connect with other homeschoolers around the world. You'll find a link to it under #3 of the Free Home School Stuff page.

3) New Pages Added

Annette and I are still busy putting together an e-book. We're getting closer. Start thinking about where you'd like to take a Field Trip!

Moms Inspire Learning Interview - Dawn Morris interviewed me (yes, me!) and posted it on Wednesday. She did an awesome job. Learn more about our family via the interview. Enjoy!

4) Terrific Contributions From Visitors Like You!

Every month we will share the best visitors' pages submitted the month before. We appreciate everyone's input, but there are some that really shine. My family votes on the best of the best. Here are this month's top picks (in no particular order):

Shadow of the Colossus - Willard from Moose Lake enjoys playing this PlayStation2 game. Find out why...

Medival 2 Total War - Bill from Nebraska sends us another game to be played on your PC. It's different from Rome Total War because...

Math Reviews
Time4Learning Math - Kerry from North Carolina goes into great detail how this online, interactive, multimedia style math curriculum was just what her son needed.

VideoText Interactive - Merryheart from Northeast USA had tried Switched on Schoolhouse and Abeka and happily settled with VideoText. She's thrilled with this math program that uses animated graphics to help students visualize math concepts. Learn more...

Teaching Textbooks - This mom found a computer based program her daughter finally liked.

Life of Fred - Jack from Vancouver, WA describes how well her daughter does with this literary approach to math.

Math-U-See - Paulette from New Zealand used many curricula, from Abeka to Saxon. Learn why she and her family have been using this curriculum for 5 years now.

Movie Reviews
Gladiator The Movie - B. from Palm Beach enjoyed this Roman themed movie.

Taco Meatballs - LV from Georgia shares this easy meatball recipe that tastes like tacos!

5) # Visitors in September

We thought it would be kinda fun to let you know just how many of you are visiting the site each month. Last month finished out with 2,713 new visitors! Welcome!

Until next month, may you experience many homeschool rewards,
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Answer to Brain Teaser Two pair of twins are eight. Since they had that twice, they have 16 children.

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