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, Homeschool Rewards Zone, Issue #023
May 10, 2011

Sharing Life's Simple Rewards of Homeschooling

Homeschool Rewards Zone brings you the latest additions to one family's rewarding experiences of homeschooling simply.

Issue #023 ~ April/May 2011~

Summer is here. We have decided to make this our last newsletter for the season. We'll start it up again this fall with issues to come out every other month instead of monthly. Don't worry, we'll keep you informed of any important changes or news worthy info. The Homeschool Blog is the perfect place to keep you informed, too! Take advantage of it!

1) Book Nook

Thought you'd like to know about an article entitled What You Need to Know about Homeschooling. Rebecca VanderMeulen interviewed me for ideas for the piece. I think you'll find it interesting...enjoy!

Do you have a favorite home school book? If you do, let us all know!

2) Brain Teaser

How quickly can you name the five state capitals in the United States that begin with the letter "A"? Have someone time you and see if you can name them within one minute.

(Answer at bottom.)

3) Helpful Homeschool Hints

Shared Services - Consider taking advantage of what the public school system can offer you and your children. Annette and Garrett have taken a German class at the high school this year and have really enjoyed it. Emily wrote a paper on the subject for a class in college. You will find more about it on this How to Home School page.

4) New Pages Added

A few months ago we introduced you to Marley. She is our new money saving expert! And she's added quite a number of great new pages to help you save money in your home. Check out the new additions for finding cheap clothes, home improvements, and travel tips. She continues to add more, so check back often! She truly is a Money Saving Expert!
Increase Memory - There are ways to improve you memory. This will also improve your immune system.

5) Terrific Contributions From Visitors Like You!

Every month we will share the best visitors' pages submitted the month before. We appreciate everyone's input, but there are some that really shine. My family votes on the best of the best. Here are this month's top picks (in no particular order):

Discipline Q & A

Get My Daughter Caught up - Jennifer is concerned about her 9th grade daughter falling behind.

How Old is Too Old to Homeschool? - Alica wonders if she waited too long to start homeschooling her boys.


Homemade Yogurt - Marley also added her favorite yogurt recipe. Sure sounds easy and yummy!


What a Girl Wants - Sidrah suggested watching this movie. If you're a Colin Firth fan, you will like it, we did! Enjoy!

6) # Visitors in March and April

We thought it would be kinda fun to let you know just how many of you are visiting the site each month. Last month finished out with 7,922 and 8,434 new visitors! Welcome!

7)Upcoming Events!

Is there something you'd like me to share? Get it to me by the end of the month.

Until next month, may you experience many homeschool rewards,
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Answer to Brain Teaser

Albany (New York), Annapolis (Maryland), Atlanta (Georgia), Augusta (Maine), and Austin (Texas).

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