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, Homeschool Rewards Zone, Issue #015
August 11, 2010

Sharing Life's Simple Rewards of Homeschooling

Homeschool Rewards Zone brings you the latest additions to one family's rewarding experiences of homeschooling simply.

Issue #015 ~ August 2010~

1) Book Nook

This month I had to order a book that was no longer on our shelf. Laura really liked this book. I had a copy of the Teacher's Edition, and somehow misplaced it. So, we just got another copy of it in the mail. It's called Trails to Treasure. It's actually a book that was used years ago in our local public school! But she really liked the stories in it and I was able to find it again for her on Amazon for only a couple of dollars!

Do you have a favorite home school book? If you do, let us all know!

2) Brain Teaser

Figure out what percentage 30 is of 50. No fair using a pen or a pencil on this one!

(Answer at bottom.)

3) Helpful Homeschool Hints

Are you looking for new and different ideas to do with your children? We found Family Fun Magazine to be an excellent addition to our bucket of homeschool tools. I believe you can get 10 issues (one year) for $10. That really is a bargain considering what you get. My kids are older now, so we have not been getting it lately, but I happened to see it at the dentist office last month and remembered how much we liked it! I know you'll enjoy it, too!

4) New Pages Added
Our latest addition you'll find near the middle of our Homeschool Rewards Home Page. If you have Facebook, and enjoy the website, I would love to keep in touch with you through Facebook, too! Just click the "Like" button to keep in touch on Facebook.

Wassup? - Don't forget to drop by to see what's new in our family! We added a couple of Annette's pictures from Germany, including the video she took going down the huge slide there. She took over 1500 pictures and I've been through them all...twice! I now feel just like I went there myself! She can't wait to go back again!

5) Terrific Contributions From Visitors Like You!

Every month we will share the best visitors' pages submitted the month before. We appreciate everyone's input, but there are some that really shine. My family votes on the best of the best. Here are this month's top picks (in no particular order):

New Page Added

Homeschool Q & A
Spanking Kids - Mama B from Southern Ontario asked Kristina how she felt about spanking kids. You'll be able to read her suggestions using the link above.

6) # Visitors in July

We thought it would be kinda fun to let you know just how many of you are visiting the site each month. Last month finished out with 4,977 new visitors! Welcome!

7)Upcoming Events!

4th Annual Home Ed. Conference in Disneyland -

Plan a vacation to California Sept. 8-11 and attend the conference, too! Here are the details:

Until next month, may you experience many homeschool rewards,
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Answer to Brain Teaser
60 percent.

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