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, Homeschool Rewards Zone, Issue #009
March 09, 2010

Sharing Life's Simple Rewards of Homeschooling

Homeschool Rewards Zone brings you the latest additions to one family's rewarding experiences of homeschooling simply.

Issue #009 ~ March 2010 ~ Healthy Kids & Sport Activity Hint

Spring Sale!
Got spring fever yet? Take advantage of our Field Trip eBook sale and organize a number of fun-filled adventurous outings while learning at the same time. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to take a fantastic field trip. It's now over 50% off, so grab it while the grabbin's good because it won't last long!

Better Health
Are you concerned about the health of your children? My kids will tell you that I'm a little fanatical when it comes to our health! But I hated when the children had a cold or the flu. So, I was always on the look-out for ways to improve our health.

If you're looking, too, you will find helpful tips from my nurse-friend, Karen. She has years of homeschooling and nursing experience and has made that knowledge available to you via her blog, Back to Basics for Better Health. She asked me to help her produce informative podcasts. Head on over and listen! They're under 20 minutes and packed with great ideas. Let us know what you think!

1) Brain Teaser

What well-known American city was made by labor and time? I'll give you a hint because I could not figure it out without looking at the don't look YET! Unscramble instead.

(Answer at bottom.)

2) Helpful Homeschool Hints

Planning a Sports Activity? We homeschoolers tend to do things as a family. And I'm all for that, but as your children grow up, they tend to want to be a little more competitive. So, if you organize a sport like volleyball or football and want it for the older ones here's my suggestion. Advertise the age limit requirements followed by this effective little phrase...No Exceptions! That will hopefully keep the smaller ones from trickling in.

3) New Pages Added

Homeschool Q & A

Again, we obtained quite a collection of great questions this past month:

Teaching Reading?
Teaching the Alphabet First?
Ordering Sonlight?
Area Homeschool Meetings - Milwaukee & elsewhere?
High School concerns with their preschooler?
What does it cost to homeschool grades 9-12?

Answers to these questions can be found at the bottom of this page.

4) Terrific Contributions From Visitors Like You!

Every month we will share the best visitors' pages submitted the month before. We appreciate everyone's input, but there are some that really shine. My family votes on the best of the best. Here are this month's top picks (in no particular order):

I Spy Word Scramble - Find out why Judy from Pennsylvania finds this a great learning game for her daughter. While you're there, check out the Math Race and Monopoly Deal.

Pros and Cons of Homschooling
Field Trips - Stella from Canada shared her public school experiences and how she's going to do it differently.

Rod and Staff then Saxon - Owen in Australia found the switch to be helpful.

Diploma and DVDs - Jamie answers Christina's questions, including if Abeka gives out diplomas.

5) # Visitors in February

We thought it would be kinda fun to let you know just how many of you are visiting the site each month. Last month finished out with 3,687 new visitors! Welcome!

Until next month, may you experience many homeschool rewards,
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Answer to Brain Teaser Baltimore, Maryland

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