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101 Small Business Opportunity Training

Without proper training and discipline, building a website for a work from home computer business will never be profitable. Period.

As you may already know, we put this website together with the help of Solo Build It! The Action Guide took us (yes, the children, too!) step by step toward building a website getting hundreds of visitors daily. But I know we could have built it much more efficiently had we used their new eLearning course. It combines the do-it-yourself theme of a self study course in a structured group setting, substantially shortening the learning curve.

According to statistics...

99% of small business sites on the web are failing. And it's no small wonder. So many webmasters and bloggers build websites without really knowing how to attract ample traffic.

If you don't have a steady flow of ready to buy visitors coming to your site daily, you're not going to sell very much.


SBI's eLearning is for those seeking quality instruction in drawing huge amounts of ready to buy organic traffic to their website.

Inside the quick video above, learn how in 12 weeks you will have the tools necessary to build a business you know and love while harnessing the power of the internet. SBI's online course (which is also offered offline at over 30 universities and colleges around the world) gives you that same expertise, but at a fraction of the cost. Why spend $15,000 and a year of your time when you don't have to?!

Do you and your family a favor. If you're serious about starting a work from home computer business, then do it right.

Learn how to build a website and get traffic to it all in one convenient place by taking advantage of this excellent 101 small business opportunity training. Make it part of your homeschool curriculum this year and join us moms who work from home!

Solo Build It!

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